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The awning

The awning - Richard Crown

Two months ago, I decided to change the canopy for my deck. It was old, the colors faded and it had several holes in it. It was already here went I bought the house, four years ago. God knows for how many years the previous owner had it.

Since I moved in Vaudreuil, I go to the city only once in two weeks, when I have to meet some customers. Otherwise, I try to stay away from the big city, its crazy traffic and crowded streets. I do all my shopping locally and only when I can’t find it here, and then I go to Montreal.

So, the quest for my sunshades started in Vaudreuil; it took me to Kirkland, St-Charles, Des Sources and even downtown. I think I visited more than six or seven awning shops, looking for a sunshade or covering that will provide enough shade for my deck. I was looking for something simple that will do the job. Nothing extravagant, or that will cost me an arm and a leg.

Two days later, I decided to look for it online since I had no time to go chasing it throughout the city.

After two hours of online search, I found two models that I liked. One had a reasonable price, the other was a bit fancier, and cost twenty five dollars more.

The first model was shipped from a Canadian company, while the latter was coming from China. I opted for the second model. There was a catch though: the delivery time was three weeks, and it required a contractor to install it. Nevertheless I carried on with my decision and bought it.

The three weeks passed and there was no sign from them. I emailed the company to ask what happen with my order, and I found out it has not been shipped. They could not explain me why.

So it took another three weeks to receive the package. When I opened it, I had another unpleasant surprise: it was not the color I ordered. I requested a burgundy stripe and I got a coffee stripe. Even if the mistake was theirs, they would not take it back. And to be honest, I was tired of the back and forth with them. Anyway, I decided to keep it and install it while it was still summer. My wife is still teasing me on how I couldn’t find an awning montreal, and I had to buy it from China.

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