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Being an early bird

Being an early bird - Richard Crown

Last night, after my hockey game I drove back home, had dinner and went straight to bed. I was exhausted. Plus the blow I got on my shoulder started to ache more than I had thought it would. 

When I woke up in the early hours of the a.m., more precisely around 4, I looked for my cell phone. It took me a few good minutes to remember that the last time I had used it was in the car, on my way home. 

After I had hang up my brother’s phone call, I placed the phone on my right, on the passenger seat. When I parked the car, before going out of it, I forgot to pick up the phone. I never thought of it before sleep. I was not feeling to well. 

When I realized my phone was still inside the car, I was not too happy about it. I did not feel like getting dressed and going outside to get it. Thus I decided to let it stay there until later on, when I was going out to work. I imagined that if there was any emergency, I would have got a phone call on my home phone. 

Since I could not sleep anymore, I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee. I opened the freezer, grabbed a frozen bagel and dropped in the toaster. Half a minute later it was ready, waiting for me to pick it up and add the cream cheese on it. Once I performed this task, I took my coffee and headed to my desk in order to check the news and read some of my emails. 

Generally I would this activity on my phone, but since it was inside of the car along with the guy who’s working in mold removal Blainville, I had to use my old computer, which I had not turned on in almost a month. 
I had been incredibly busy in the past few weeks. I barely had the time to go see my girlfriend. Needless to add that she had something to mumble about this. 

I admitted I was guilty as charged and promised I would make it up to her by taking her out next Saturday. 
Her birthday is coming up and I don’t wish to blow it right before that. I learnt that women tend to care more than men about birthdays. I personally don’t celebrate mine, but she does. It’s a big deal for her, so I have to please her.

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