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How would you react to glowing sidewalks?

How would you react to glowing sidewalks? - Richard Crown

Have you seen "he Wizard of Oz" and how Dorothy walked home on the yellow brick road? You will also be following such aluminous asphalt Edmonton road very soon in the future. The road in front of your house or the sidewalk could be glowing with a blue and green tinge to find your way back to your home.

Could this glow on a dark pavement eventually replace the street lights in the future? We are talking about technology which is energy efficient to make the pathways illuminated. It is attractive environmentally friendly.

This program is known as the 'Smart Highway Project’ and it is presently undergoing the test of conceptualizing the glow-in-the-dark kind of line markings on a highway that stretches over a quarter of a mile in Cambridge, England.

About three months ago, a landscaping company in the United Kingdom came out with a wonder spray. It is known as `Starpath’. It will make the sidewalks glow in the dark. This is likely to replace the continuous need for streetlights. This paint that makes the surface of the sidewalk glow in the dark actually gets its properties from the absorption of sunlight during the day time. It will glow with a green tinge for about eight hours after the sun sets.

The only drawback with this kind of paint, I have learnt, is its cost and its life expectancy. People are not yet sure as to how long the spray will last and keep glowing. Another question is about its durability and whether it will have any toxic after effect. The answer will be given only in time and the success of this concept will depend on how it is implemented by the municipality and the highway departments.

However, it is an interesting concept. Would you like the sidewalks and the roads to glow around you in the dark hours? Today, keeping the streets and the parks well lit during the night is a costly affair but it is worth it for the safety of the pedestrians, cyclists and the car traffic.

A British company has thought about some fascinating ideas on turning the paths in the parks to the glow-in-the-dark variety. These thoroughfares can now turn into energy-efficient displays of art and paint. The name of this company is Pro-Teq and its product is called Starpath. It is a paint coat of particles that absorb sunlight; it can be sprayed to light up pathways like a starlit sky. This thin covering coat is non-reflective and is anti-slip. It is also waterproof. It could be applied to wood, tarmac and other solid surfaces.

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