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The Neighbour's New Drive Way

The Neighbour's New Drive Way - Richard Crown

I'm not usually one to be jealous. I'd rather spend my time worrying about what's going on in my own life rather than thinking too much about comparing it to other people's. Still, I have to admit that I felt a slight twinge of envy when I saw the end result of my neighbour's work on his new drive the other day. As soon as I saw that elegant paving, the green eyed monster rose up just a little bit, and I couldn't help but compare it to the ageing brickwork that I have on my drive way.

As I mentioned, I don't really like to let myself stew in an envious broth, if we are going for awkward metaphors, so I figured it's about time I do something about it. I've wanted to replace that brickwork for a while now and I think that paving may well be the ideal solution for me. I've already picked up the number of the park paving Edmonton company that worked on my neighbour's drive way but I won't be rushing headlong into this project. I think a little bit of research is going to be required before I make the final decision as to who will be carrying out the work for me.

I've already set tomorrow night apart so that I can have a few hours to get online and find a few other paving companies for myself. I have an idea of what the cost should be from my neighbour so I want to find something that is in that region, but if I can find a company that will do it for less than the figure I have in my head that’s even better right?

I must remember not to fall into the trap of instantly assuming cheaper means better though. After all, it could be the case that I end up with a cowboy company that does a poor job and I end up paying through the nose to have it fixed. I must make a note of every company that I come across and spend a little time on forums and the like trying to find any customer feedback that they may have before I make a decision.

I can't wait. I’m one of those people who is completely dogged about achieving whatever I have floating around in my head and it will be nice to finally have a drive that I can be proud of.

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