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Parents and friends

Parents and friends - Richard Crown

How long did it pass since you felt again as a child? When is the last time you did something silly, like riding a duck toy on a playground, or splashing water on your friend?  Or drawing with chalk on the Alberta asphalt? Or dancing with your kid, in the middle of the parking lot, on his favorite tune? Or simply enjoy the hot summer rain outside, feeling the rain drops on your face, when everyone else runs or hides under the umbrellas?

If your answer contains a two digit number, then it is definitely too long. In this case, let me tell you that you take yourself too seriously. You lost the ability to enjoy simple things, somewhere between your corporate job and the visits to your doctor.

I consider myself as one of the lucky parents, who learnt a great deal of things from friends and their children.

Probably because I felt I never grew up, I was able to have a better understanding of their needs and wants.

Don't imagine I am the type of hippie parent, who cannot say no to his kids!  Or the type who believes the Universe will fix somehow all his problems. Neither that I allow them to do inappropriate things for their age. Oh, no! Quite the opposite!

I grew up in the countryside and I had beautiful childhood. My parents ensured that we were given the required love, attention and education. They allowed my sister and I to grow in happy environment, in direct contact with nature.

I wanted my kids to fully experience the beauty of each age, without skipping anything. Thus we sold our house in Calgary, and we moved to a rural area.

What made us decide to change our life? Well, we looked at all of our friends who had kids, and we did not like what we saw. Most of them did not have a good relationship with their children. The parents had no time for their kids during the week. Thus, the children were disconnected from the reality, from the family life, and focused on the world of virtual games.

All of our friends confessed experiencing a feeling of guilt towards the children. That guilt determined them to offer more things to their children. They all did that mistake. Later on, they realized they had no idea, what was going on their children's life.

Since we did not want to end up in the same situation, we took the necessary steps, and changed our life. This change enabled us to be a parent and a friend to our kids, to have a normal family life.

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