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Roof repairs

Roof repairs - Richard Crown

This year I will need to fix the roof of my house. I am afraid I can not postpone it anymore. I have done it for couple of years and I fear that it won’t take another winter. If I do not have it fixed until the first snow, I risk having water infiltrating inside the house and then the I will have to spend even more for repairs. If we will get as much snow as last year, I have the feeling it will collapse. I need to change it this year!

Luckily my friend Tom mentioned me about the private lender that helped him in his dark hour. He even volunteered to guide me throughout the process, so it would take less time. What can I say, I am blessed to have such good friends. 

When my wife left me, half of our common friends went with her. Until that moment, I considered them my friends as well, but I guess the feeling was not mutual They were accepting me or tolerating me. Once she was gone, I never heard again from any of them. In the first weeks after we announced our separation, I tried reached two of them. I called them and invited them out for a drink. The first one refused me politely invoking a silly excuse, while the second did not even bother to answer my calls or replied to any of my messages.

Seeing that I was left all alone, I did not bother to contact any of them. I realized that they all took her side, although they were no sides to be taken. Sheila and I separated because we fell out of love. We had no more the passion that bonded us in the first years. We barely spent time together or talked to each other. We agreed that it was better for us to go separate ways, shake hands and still be friends. Just like my grandpa’ used to say: “better happy on our own than miserable together”.

I am currently looking for someone to do the roof. I called a few companies and asked for a quotation. I was hoping to get a better price than what all of them had offered me. Anyway, I will chose the cheaper one. For the little money left from the loan (that in case I get approved soon), I will have to get some paint from Rona and give a new coat of paint on my bedroom’s walls.

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