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Where On The Website Is It Better To Place Keywords?

Where On The Website Is It Better To Place Keywords? - Richard Crown

This question made me think a lot. I knew that the strategic approach to using keywords on my website's pages was the basic rule for the SEO of my website.

I searched on the internet about such companies and found Toronto SEO Company. I made the list of the main places on my website's pages in which I had to use keywords chosen by me.

Tags of headlines: the headline of the website's page.

The page's headline is probably the most important tag in the work of any website and it is, of course, the most important place for placing keywords. The headline is the short description of the website's certain page.

Being in such part of the document's HTML code as <head>, my page's headline looked like that:

<Title>Name of my website's page</Title>

Search engines' robots use such tags as the main source for defining the theme of the website's page. Google, Bing and other search engines study such headlines and words placed in them, and then use them to define the topic.

The text from the headline's tag appeared on pages with search results as the link users were to click to visit my webpage.

I also discovered that when search bots first met my new webpage they scanned the headline's tag, studied the text on the page and matched it with my other webpages to define whether the page's text corresponded to its headline and the topic of my website as a whole. Thus, my keywords defined the relevancy of the text to the search query of users.

I used the following main principles to create  headlines of my website's pages:

1. I used keywords or phrases at the beginning of the headline (if possible), so they would be much more effective.
2. I limited the number of words in the headline to 8-10, or about 65 symbols (including spaces between words).
3. I concentrated on 1-2 key phrases in the one headline.
4. I created unique headlines for each page of my website.
5. I tried to create descriptive titles which would be best to describe the specific page of my website.
6. I used most important and most relevant keywords which I had chosen for the specific page.

Thus, best headlines of my website's pages:

1. included target keywords;
2. helped to develop my brand;
3. were relevant to the page's text;
4. attracted attention.

So, it is the headline of one of your webpages which creates the first (and sometimes the last) impression about your website. So, it influences what a person will choose, that is whether she will proceed with your website or choose the other search result. 

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